The Demi-Goddess Questionnaire

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Please fill out one form per teaser. Form can be submitted multiple times. If you choose not to fill out the form for any teasers, I will choose the quotes and go over them with you before using the quote in teasers. 


Due to the high demands of this package, this questionnaire and the needed reading materials are due 90 days before your project completion date. Please send your book in PDF format, double spaced to The reason I ask for PDF is because I will print your book at home so I can make notes for marketing and graphic purposes. Your book will NOT be shared. If you are still leery, you may request another option. 

I can't wait to get started on your cover, but one more thing, please remember to credit Temys Designs in the copyright information in your book as Temys Designs holds the copyright for all artwork created.