Frequently Asked Questions

How far out do I need to book my cover? 

Right now my MINIMUM turnaround time is 2-3 weeks for The Nymph package and 4 weeks for The Heroine and The Goddess packages. The Olympiad and The Demi-Goddess packages need to be booked 90 days prior to your book's release. 

Do you offer discounts for series bookings?

Yes! I offer a 20% discount on series bookings of 3 or more books. 

Will you make design adjustments to a Premade cover?

I will make certain design adjustments such as color scheme or font. I will not make major adjustments to a premade cover unless the client is willing to pay the custom cover price (because after major adjustments, the cover is essentially custom). If you are wanting something altered, email me at and I'll let you know if it will lead to a higher charge or not. 

Do you offer payment plans? 

No. At the moment I am only able to accept 50% upon booking and the remaining 50% once the design/files have been approved. 

Who should I credit for my cover design?

All designs should be credited as "Cover Design by: Kristina Hack of Temys Designs"

Can I get a layered PSD file of my cover?

No. I do not offer layered files of your cover. Temys Designs retains the copyright for the final cover, I am authorizing you lifetime use of the design for promoting and selling your book. I will, however; create a separate transparency of your title only (to be used in other graphics/teasers) at an additional charge. 

Can I get an ebook cover now and a print cover for the same book later? 

Yes, you may upgrade your package at any time and upgraded files will be delivered upon cleared payment of the difference in the packages.

Do you offer print services?

Yes, I can print many types of promotional products from business cards to bookmarks, as well as non-paper promotional products. I do not offer printing services of your actual book.